Security, reliability, comfort, easy installation, these all the main qualities of the intercom and video intercom systems OMNICALL®.
Already introduced for existing or partially renewed buildings, these systems are the ideal solution for individual or family houses such as: buildings, residence, villas, offices, hotels, Bed & Breakfast , structures  and so on.

Innovation and design
When innovation and technology, both meet together, it brings to the creation of a new product, new details and new design. The choice of a new design, a new simple and essential line,  makes the external alluminium entry panel, resistant against the elements, with an enlighten buttons, suitable to any architecture structure and extremely useful.

Quick and easy to install
Thanks to the wireless technology, the system, in order to be installed, doesn’t need the use of wires that go through a building; that means saving time in the installation avoiding brickwork in the apartment, and saving money for the final user.

Reliable and secure 
OMNICALL® ONE, with the UMTS and GSM technology, ensure an optimal link between video and voice, proved by an external entry panel in terms of fidelity and level of sound; the user and the visitor can have so a clear and easy conversation.
Freedom to move 
The intercom and video intercom systems, OMNICALL® ONE, UMTS e GSM, without cable, make possible the use of your own phone to make calls and video calls, open the door or the gate, just pressing a code on the keypad, and organize your own agenda, telephone numbers, video and image with SMS and MMS.  

OMNICALL® ONE is composed by 3 intercom and video intercom  wireless systems lines and 2 lines intercom with cable, in order to satisfy all users needs.